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A Look at The 12 DayZ of Christmas by JackFrags

The countdown is dwindling down to the end. It’s almost Christmas!

With the DayZ Standalone Alpha release I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Okay, I lied. I want a bicycle to tour with in Chenarus in the DayZ SA… RIGHT NOW!

My Christmas spirit hasn’t been the same since I was a child. However, the 12 DayZ of Christmas video has brought back a childish smile and a feeling of excitement within me.

A big special thanks to JackFrags for creating awesome videos! I’m always entertained by him while I look for something to watch while I eat dinner.

Watch the 12 DayZ of Christmas

(Video is by JackFrags)

There are 10 singers that have their own Youtube channels in this video, some of which I haven’t heard of before now. I’ll definitely have a look to see what they are up to and subscribe to them accordingly.

Singer List:












Merry Christmas Everyone! Have happy and safe holidays!


Video Spoiler:

The 12 DayZ of Christmas are:

1. Morphine in a pine tree

2. Tins of beans

3. Ghillie suits

4. Makarovs

5. UAZ’s

6. Snipers sniping

7. Zombies swimming

8. Legs a breaking

9. Bandits dancing

10. Heroes flying

11. Chopper crashes

12. Satchel charges