New Clues To The 3 Planet 3 Moon System

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Where do I begin? Upon entering the Hilbert Dimension I headed towards the outer edge looking for a system of 3 planets and 3 moons. There is in game dialog of a “Dull Red Giant” with “3 planets and 3 moons”, as well as a “Line Of Stars” and the “outer edge of the galaxy”. So I believed that the outer edge is where the answers were.

The following screenshot is a 3d simulation of the system found in an Atlas Pass room. 1 Planet has 0 moons, 1 planet has 1 moon, and 1 planet has 2 moons around a dull red giant. Exactly what we were looking for!

3 planets 3 moons

Today we have an image, courtesy of Ron (yasukeronn), who pointed out the following texture that all monoliths are made with:

monolith map texture

The following is an actual screenshot from a cube monolith, the picture was rotated to mimic the above. Notice the right side (The top is 1 planet with 1 moon, then 1 with 0 moons, then at the bottom is a planet with 2 moons.)

nms monolith map 1

So the hunt is on, we have new information! However, there are many ways to interpret the “map” as we see it. We’ll discuss it on an upcoming stream.