Korvax Entity On IKDLAK

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Where is IKDLAK? We have some clues, but no solid leads as of yet. Here is what I know…

We met a Korvax Entity on IKDLAK who proved to be useful in both knowledge and trades.

Abandon Building IKDLAK

I decided to research about IKDLAK to see what I could find. I came up with a few interesting things thanks to GamePedia.

Here are some images that I put together for the live stream.



  • IKDLAK was seen in Creating No Man’s Sky’s Infinite Soundtrack video on YouTube at 9:07
  • The Abandon Building text in the current game seed mentions IKDLAK, but the images we have are from a previous seed.
  • IKDLAK looks like Vesta Prime (See below)
ikdlak notes


  • Vesta Prime was in a previous game seed. I haven’t seen any mention of it in the current seed.
  • It looks exactly like IKDLAK, a desert planet.
  • Appears to be a system (large yellow star with 5 planets) but it also appears to be the name of a planet in the system UTWARZERS XI. There is no known galactic REGION to find it in.
vesta prime notes

Are these clues to figuring out more mysteries in No Man’s Sky? Well, we don’t have any solid leads other than to perhaps find the Korvax Entity and keep an eye out for these names. Maybe Nada or that GEK named Polo will cough up some more aid in future encounters.