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Monitor Problems

Gaming Monitor Problems: IPS Glow vs Backlight Bleed vs Dead Pixels

When purchasing a new or used gaming monitor, there are a lot of things to consider. Among these, detecting possible manufacturing defects is an important part.Unfortunately, there...
How To Build A Gaming PC

Build A Gaming PC – How To Pick Parts You Need! [2019 Buyer’s Guide]

Learn how to build a gaming PC by understanding how to choose the best parts for your custom build from motherboards, processors, and graphics cards to monitors, ram, and keyboards.
Difference Between Headphones And Headsets

Gaming Headset vs Headphones – Which Is Better For Gamers?

Learn the difference between headphones, headsets, and gaming earbuds and how to choose them for your gaming needs. While I’m a big fan of a quality gaming headset, wireless earbuds or headphones without a microphone may be ideal for you.
Best 1440p Gaming Monitor

Best 1440p Gaming Monitor [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2019]

Discover the best 1440p monitors for gaming. Our reviews and buyer’s guide cover top features including sizes, refresh rates (144hz) and response time (1ms GtG), panel types (TN, IPS) and other 2k specs like G-Sync and FreeSync.