G99 Error – Believe Me We Won’t Sleep Until This Is Fixed

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H1Z1 is finally up on STEAM for purchase in it’s “Early Access” phase! A lot of people, including myself, are quite excited to play this DayZ clone to see if it can compare or exceed it.

The day has come where you:

  • Bought the game
  • Downloaded it
  • Registered for a New SOE Account
  • Logged in, clicked play
  • Waited…
H1Z1 G99 Error

And then… G99 Error!



There is an issue connecting to the login server. The login server may be down for maintenance. Please try again a little later. Be sure to check the forums for announcements on planned server shutdowns and estimated downtimes. IF there has been no notification of a server shutdown, validate your game diles from the LaunchPad and make sure that H1Z1.exe, awesomiumprocess.exe and laundpad.exe are all set as exceptions in your firewall/antivirus program(s). The login server may still be shut down without notification, but running through these steps will ensure that the problem is not on your end.

No no no, it’s not us, it’s you – SONY! In frustration, one gamer’s frustrations started with Sony Offline Entertainment.” on Reddit.

John Smedley – SOE President – has been keeping up with comments and updates about their progress.

H1Z1 Twitter Launch Fail Progress


H1Z1 Login Server Hardware Update

There was mention of Twitch Streamers streaming the game, but every one I went to was just as frustrated trying to get in to the game.

It’s claimed that a company as big as Sony underestimated the server capacities. John has apologized many times and assures us that this will be resolved as soon as possible. But when you’re eager to play a game you’ve just bought, that you’ve been waiting months for, even the wait for the download to finish is painful let a lone not being able to play it.

Was this really just a mistake by Sony or could this have been an attack by North Korea? lolz

Well, I’m pissed off and will keep trying to get in a few more times before I play some DayZ. It’s been a long time since I’ve made a video and people are questioning if I’m still alive.