(Video) UNSEASONED! DayZ Standalone

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Hey Everyone!

The day has finally come… I’ve uploaded a new video.

The downside? Randall and I are unseasoned DayZ players getting back in to the swing of things.

We haven’t been playing all that much this past year and I think it really shows. I’ve recorded hundreds of hours of game play and it’s always the same:

A long loot session with a quick death.

Video Title? I came up with this name because we’re unseasoned players.

Intro? I have a newer intro with a tombstone. I think it works better than before. This one is quick, kind of reminds me of frankie’s awesome intro. I can slide it in anywhere. The DayZ intro to this video was inspired by my own actions. I thought this represents my game play recently.

Look out for more videos coming soon… We’ve been amping up our game time on various DayZ servers and progress is being made.