The Set Up In Elektro

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Hey Everyone! It’s been a while since I uploaded a gameplay video. Honestly, I’ve spent way too much time editing this video. I actually decided to start over and just stick to the basics.

However, I did spend a good amount of time learning how to use Adobe After Effects and managed to make an animated map sequence which shows where I was and where I was heading. I’m hoping to use more of that in future videos.

In this video, Randall and I were checking out Kamyshovo when a couple of geared up guys investigated our presence. We weren’t a threat other than having a couple of guns with no ammo. But they didn’t know that. Then a strange person showed up to crash our party.

We ended up heading over to Elektro to see if we could find some food and possibly gear up a bit more. Well, I won’t say much more. Check out the video for yourself!