Shotguns! DayZ SA 0.31.114343 Patch Preview

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The 0.31.114343 update is coming soon! And we can expect to find hacksaws and shotguns so that we can go berry picking and keep the bears away! Okay, there are no bears. But it’s pretty cool that things are chugging along with updates that the end user can play with.

Here are some things in the patch notes that interested me the most:

The Shotgun (LZH43) has been taunting me since the beginning. Shotgun shells can be found in abundance, but until this patch, no way to use them. So we will have the shotgun soon, but what if we could also dismantle the shells, collect the gun powder and make a bomb? It would make sense to have pipe bombs, ya? I’ll give all my beans for that!

shotgun lzh43 for dayz standalone

Berry Picking… I’ll try it out but I don’t think I’d venture off to pick berries unless I was in desperate need of food. Perhaps this feature will appeal more to P.V.E. servers and players (P.V.E. = Player versus Environment).

Painting the Mosin with spray paint is a great idea! In fact my friends and I were talking about this a couple weeks ago. I really hope there isn’t neon green or hunter orange spray paint.

New coastal harbor town (Svetloyarsk and surrounding area)! New areas always give way for opportunities to explore, to meet people, to collect items, and to kill other people. Maybe there will be some new buildings within it.

Here are some notes from the pending changelog 0.31.114343 patch that Rocket posted (experimental branch):


– Niosh mask (respirator) inventory size fixed to 1/1 slot.
– Missing strings for BE popup for alternate languages, set to English while translations are being done.
– Reduced dispersion of FNX45 (from 0.05 to 0.03)
– Balanced stomach capacity
– Added stuffed notifier (instead of sickness when full up)
– Eating and drinking animations properly set for tablets/disinfectants
– Version number in server browser and details
– Saline transfusion doesn’t refill full blood
– Charcoal and Tetracycline tablets won’t give sick badge if you aren’t actually sick
– Player aim run speed updated, weapon position changed and improved for first person view
– Glitches on right hand while moving and while giving taunt fixed
– Players can’t pile backpacks inside of another backpacks, backpack-inception style. You can only put one
– backpack inside of another backpack if the backpack that is being put inside is empty.
– Magnum speedloader should be spawning now
– Number of backpacks spawning lowered
– Number of .357 Pythons spawning lowered.
– Number of M4A1s spawning lowered
– Dead character cleanup performed at 10 minutes past death
– Removed scripted server teleporting check as now managed by engine


– Editable character name in main menu
– Hive, mode and time columns in server browser
– Database support for sub hives. (Sub-private, Hardcore/Regular public)
– DayZServer.exe support for sub hives.
– Signature verification against PBOs
– Added shotgun speedloader into loot spawns
– Added box of 20 pieces .357 rounds into loot spawns
– Added color variants of all shoes into loot spawns
– Added Hiking pants (both long and short ones) and Canvas pants including their color variants into loot spawns
– Added hacksaw into the loot spawns
– Added shotgun into loot spawns
– Berry picking
– Added Hacksaw into loot spawns
– Saw-off shotgun recipe
– Opening cans with saw
– Painting Mosin now supported w/ spraypaint
– Added spraypaint can into loot spawns
– Coastal harbor town of Svetloyarsk (and surrounding areas)