Shipwrecked Origins – Rify In DayZ SA

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I came across a fan comic series that was recommended on the DayZ Standalone Facebook page. I thought it was good! So… keep reading!

The comic series is called “Dayz of Being Dead” and all of the comics can be found on:

They have a lot of hilarious memes and comic strips about DayZ. Judging by the jokes, they are definitely DayZ players. There are a lot of things they highlight that most people just wouldn’t understand. You know what I mean?

So here is the first comic I saw by them, it’s called:

Shipwreck Origins

DayZ of Being Dead - Shipwreck Origins
For more check out:

Here’s a transcript of the comic in case you are unable to see the image above:

“Captain! We have found a castaway out at sea.”

“I can see him. Get him on board!”

“Welcome on board. You must be hungry and totally frozen!”

“Thank god! I’m so glad that you’ve found me! Thanks a lot!”

“Stranger! I have to ask you this: Have you been bitten or do you feel sick in any way?”

“No, I’m totally fine! I have none of that! Apart from my fatigue I’m good. Trust me!”

When there was the talk of a new shipwreck, Rify in DayZ SA, I knew exactly where it would be. I didn’t think it would be the shipwrecks by SkaIisty Island because the island itself was already a big attraction.

I remember the shipwreck in the mod, it was extremely small and pretty useless. I used to pass by it quite often as I headed North of Berezino to find vehicles and tents full of gear. But those were the good old days.

Speaking of tents… at the time of writing this post, tents have just been implemented in the SA and they don’t save anything after the restart. Persistence testing is still ongoing. Furthermore, the only tent that you can get is a “medium” sized tent and it’s big enough to house a god damn car! I’m not complaining, I’m just making an observation.

DayZ Rify in Full ViewTalk About Rify

Let’s get back to the boat. Rify is effectively a two-part building which you can explore from top to bottom. It spawns all kinds of loot. It started spawning good loot, like guns and ammo, which lead a lot of people to it.

Of course that attracted me to it too, but I always worried about people camping on the hillside. However, I haven’t had too many hillside battles. The 2 biggest dangers have been found inside the boat:

  • Glitches where you suddenly glitch off the boat and die or get too close to a ledge, fall off and die.
  • Bumping in to someone unexpectedly is the second. And in the case of a standoff, I’ve had very few friendly conversations with other survivors on Rify. It’s a tense situation as it is and people don’t do well under pressure. So Kill them all or prepare to respawn!

I’m really not sure how Rify came about. Many coastal shorelines have wrecks. This could have been another drunken captain or bad luck at sea. Considering how well preserved Rify is, I think the first thought is more likely.

Final Thoughts

Anyway, I have so many ideas and so little time to make videos these days. However, I am trying to get something up. Thanks so much for your support, I really appreciate it! It’s very motivating and refreshing, which is why this site and Youtube channel are still around.

Well that’s it for now. Don’t forget to check out DayZ of Being Dead! I’m sure you’ll at least snicker to a few of those comics before remembering how much of a piss off the game can be.

And tell me what you think about the comic I shared with you. Do you think my drunken captain idea fits the bill?