Mid March DayZ Weekly Report With Pictures

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Well, it’s March 18, 2014, and there hasn’t been an update to Stable in a while due to some serious issues. So we’re still stuck with 0.35.115188 right now.

However, there have been some updates to experimental which included a few guns and other minor changes. The current experimental branch is 0.42.116002. You can read about the current issues over at the DayZ Dev Blog.

Chris Torchia hinted that bicycles would be coming soon! But how soon is soon? The funny thing is I’m kind of used to running. When I have to run long distances, I aim in the direction I want to go, start running and ram a pen lid on my keyboard while still running.

It isn’t the best, but it’s the best Auto-Run solution I have for now. You may not want to do it with an expensive mechanical keyboard.

Here are some pictures I nabbed from the Dev Blog and Facebook.

BEANS are back!

deez baked beans


Cooking Fireplace
House Fireplace
fireplace light differences

New Towns – No names yet.

new town no name 1
new town no name 2


dayz standalone akm

1911 pistol, CR75 Pistol, Sporter 22

1911 cr75 sporter22
1911 pistol in hand

Shotgun Shell Boxes

shotgun shell box



And finally, something really cool! A Craftable PVC Crossbow

crossbow 1
crossbow 2
crossbow ingame