How To Pick Berries In DayZ SA

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Let’s pick some berries! Yes, that’s right we can pick berries in DayZ, so let me show you what to do.

Currently, there are two types of berries bushes and each type has a larger and smaller version. You’ll also notice that you can’t visually see berries on any of the berry bushes. It’s just the way it is.

Green Berry Bushes

They have stems which are quite large coming up from the ground. The leaves are quite sparse around this area.

Green Berry Bush With Blue Berries DayZ SA

Brownish Orange Berry Bushes

These are much fuller and don’t have large visible stems coming up from the ground.

Brownish Orange Berry Bush with Red Berries DayZ

To start picking berries you need to be close to the bush and press the “F” key. I try to aim towards the center and down into the bush and spam the “F” key until my character starts picking. As of yet, there isn’t a scroll wheel option which one of the reasons why many people have no idea how to pick berries.

You’ll notice a status message in the bottom left corner indicating if you found berries or not. If you didn’t find any berries you can still try the same bush. Eventually you’ll find some.

Berry Picking Status Messages DayZ

“Some kind of berries, small and blue, but it’s impossible to tell whether they are edible or not. Do you remember your boyscout days?”

DayZ Blue Berry Inspection
DayZ Red Berry Inspection

Spoilers Below

Sometimes you can find berries on the first try, sometimes it will feel like forever before you find some.

Red berries are safe to eat! Blue berries will make you sick.

So remember, the brownish orange bushes give you red berries and the green bushes give you blue berries.

And while it’s cool to find an unlimited amount of free food, the nutritional value of berries is quite poor and I’m sure you could starve to death before you find enough berries to satisfy your hunger. There are plans for recipes that use berries but for now that’s all we have. So good luck!