How To Paint A Mosin 9130 Camouflage

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I really love playing with the Mosin 9130, especially when it’s camouflaged. The gun itself makes me exercise more patience and caution.

Once you fire a round, reloading takes a few seconds, and those second are sometimes all it takes for someone to shoot back and kill.

But let’s look at how to spray paint our Mosin with a camo color instead of just plain black or green.

You will need:

1x Mosin 9130

1x Can Green Spray Paint with at least 25% remaining

1x Can Black Spray Paint with at least 25% remaining


1. Paint the Mosin with one of the colours of spray paint by dragging the can over the gun within the inventory screen.

2. Paint the Mosin with the other remaining colour of spray paint

3. Enjoy your new Camo Mosin

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