How to Increase FPS in DayZ Standalone Alpha

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Let’s face it, DayZ Standalone is in alpha development and needs quite a bit of optimization. But despite that, there are some things we can to do to improve our frame rate while still maintaining some graphical eye candy.

I disabled and lowered some settings from the default and changed a few lines in the configuration files. It’s not as “pretty” but still looks awesome in my opinion.

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The video is broken up into separate parts. I have laid out the parts below so that you don’t need to go through the video if you aren’t able to watch it in 1080p (which is the best quality).

Note: My Hardware & Software

A vital piece of my frame rate success is due to my hardware. DayZ is not only graphically intensive but it is also extremely heavy on computer processing via your CPU.

Up until this point in making videos, I’m running the following:

– Intel i5 2500k Overclocked to 4ghz
– Geforce GTX 680 2gb (super clocked)
– Samsung 830 256gb SSD
– 8gb G.skills Ripjaws
– Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit

I don’t have any plans to change this as I run most games maxed out with very good frame rates.

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Windows Settings

To ensure that my computer isn’t running in a reduced state, due to power management options, the first thing I did was change some settings in
Windows. Steps are here:

1. Go to Control Panel

2. Click on Hardware and Sound

3. Click on Power Options

4. Select “High Performance” and click change plan settings.

5. Click on “change advanced power settings

6. Under Processor Power Management, make sure that the minimum and maximum processor states are set to 100% and that the cooling policy is

Next it’s time to configure the in game settings.

In Game Settings

Here are the in-game screenshots of my settings. I have a 2gb video card so on the textures screen I selected my video memory to 2048 instead of Auto.

DayZ Video Settings
DayZ User Interface
DayZ Texture Settings
DayZ Quality Settings
DayZ Rendering Settings

Modifying DayZ Configuration Files

There are two folders which contain important DayZ config files. These files can be edited with Notepad for Windows.

WARNING: Be sure to BACK-UP your files BEFORE you start editing them.

The following locations can be found on your computer when you replace COMPUTERUSERNAME and STEAMUSERNAME with your computer username and steam account name.

The first file is DayZ.cfg located at: C:\Users\COMPUTERUSERNAME\My Documents\DayZ

Open your DayZ.cfg file and find GPU section. For my settings, change them so that they look like this:


The second file is steamusername.DayZProfile located at: C:\Users\COMPUTERUSERNAME\My Documents\DayZ Other Profiles\STEAMUSERNAME

For my settings, adjust the following lines in the file to look like this:


Important: Change the properties of these files to “read only”, by right clicking the file and going to properties, otherwise DayZ may change the settings back to default when you start the game.

In the .DayZProfile file, you can lower the scene complexity to 150000 and both view distances to 1600 for additional FPS boosts but the game will not look as good visually.

In cities where there are a lot of buildings in my FOV (field of view), and buildings behind more buildings, it seems to reduce my FPS quite a bit.

While recording I dip down to about 28-30 FPS in places like Cherno, Elektro, Dubky, Berezino and Otmel. Most other times I’m between 35-70 FPS.

AGAIN, Remember to back up everything before you start tinkering. If you don’t know, don’t do it!