DayZ Standalone Server Types

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Confused about what the DayZ Standalone server hosting terms Hives and Shards are all about? I’ve got you covered!

The first thing to note is that a “Shard” means “server” or “server instance.” Why did BIS decide to use the term shard? It’s a common networking term and I guess they wanted to confuse the average person. After all, we’ve been using the term “server” in the mod for ages.

What Is The DayZ Public Hive?

The Public Hive is the central “brain” or “backbone” of how DayZ servers work. It is operated and controlled 100% by Bohemia Interactive Studio (BIS). Public Hive Servers are the main servers for everyone to play on. The hive controls the loot (loot economy), and other metrics, across the public servers that are connected to it.

A player can freely go from one public server to another and still have their player stats and gear. This also means that you can only have 1 character unless you have multiple STEAM accounts each with a copy of DayZ Standalone.

Note: In alpha and beta phases you can have 1 unique character for each of the following types of servers:

  • 1st person only (stable branch)
  • 1st/3rd person(stable branch)
  • 1st person only (experimental branch)
  • 1st/3rd person(experimental branch)

That means you can currently have 4 different unique characters.

Public Shard

This is a public server that is connected to the public hive. This type of shard is a little cheaper than a private shard (because BIS charges hosting companies more for private servers because of resources used etc…) but you are at the mercy of the public hive. Admins have limited control over the server.

BIS runs the public hive which these servers connect to which allows them to keep tight control for people who wish to play “official vanilla” with no outside influence other than the acceptable usage terms found at

Public servers run the default settings and game play modes.

Private Shards

A Private Hive itself is also a Master Shard. A Private Shard (slave) requires a Master Shard in order to work.

Private hives have their own databases and are not controlled by the public hive. Admins of these servers have a lot of control over everything.  However, they still have some rules to follow These servers will eventually allow modding (think Origins and Namalsk from the DayZ Mod).

If you gear up a player on a server that is connected to the public hive and then join a server that is connected to a private hive, you won’t have the same stats or gear. You will be a different character. If it’s your first time switching, you’ll be a new spawn.

Benefits of Private Hives:

  • Allows you to build a better community when players regularly play on servers attached to your hive
  • When a shard is connected your hive, you can do all kinds of things like control competitions and special events
  • Mods!
  • Whitelists
  • Ban players
  • Passwords

And many more as seen in the .pdf listed above.

Private Shard – SLAVE

A private slave server is basically an addition to a Master Private Shard. You can’t use a private slave without it connecting it to a master shard.

For example, if your clan owned a master shard, you could add an additional server to that master by purchasing a slave. This would be something like:

  1. Master Server (is also the hive): BoneJunkie’s Bone Yard Server #1
  2. Slave: BoneJunkie’s Bone Yard Server #2
  3. Slave: BoneJunkie’s Bone Yard Server #3

Etc etc…

Benefits Of A Private Slave?

  • It’s cheaper because there is only a connection fee to an existing Master Shard.
  • Great for expanding a community that is maxing out its current server capacity and server space

So there you have it! Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments below or list your favourite DayZ standalone server!