DayZ M203 and GP-25 Leaked 3D Models

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Noob Tube anyone? Models for the M203 grenade launcher and GP-25 have been leaked and circulating the web for the DayZ Standalone. I know, you’re probably thinking “What?!!!!”

Good News: The image file was taken from within the DayZ Standalone files. So the Dev Team did make the models and this isn’t just something that someone fabricated. This is nothing new, but it seems to be making headlines recently.

Bad News: The lead 3d artist, Chris Torchia, has acknowledged the existence of the m203 launcher but says there are no current plans for these or if they will even be implemented into the game. Check out his Reddit for more information

m203 and gp-25 3d models 600x568

Well, I’m excited and I’m a bit nervous about them anyway.

My Thoughts

They may not add these to the game? Come on, you know they will. They should have almost every weapon from the mod (vanilla) and put it in to the Standalone. I basically bought this game to play DayZ with better graphics and a few new things like base building.

GP-25 is an attachment for the AK. So I guess we should expect an AK sometime as well.

Will the M203 be a standalone version or attached to the M4? Or will they also add a variant like the M16M203 like in the mod?

In the beginning I’m sure the spawn rates will be pretty good for these attachments, just like every other weapon. So I can already picture the carnage along the coast. A lot of people in the DayZ mod were horrible with firing HE rounds. In the Standalone, people will be practicing a lot. What better way to practice than to wait on the coast and pick off new spawns?!

How will the players bodies react to being blown up? Will they have some awesome rag doll animations? Perhaps bodies blowing apart? Maybe I’m asking too much.

It would be cool to have some sort of crafting for the HE rounds. There are many types of improvised explosives that could be crafted.

What do you think about the possibility of the M203 and GP-25 being added to the game?