Damaged Goods Ruined Beyond Repair

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Today I’m playing with an old friend!

Randall and I are in the North-End area of Berezino, Chernarus at the apartments. We are trying to find food because we are very low on supplies and I’m starving!!!

Either the server has been up for a long time, or the recent patch reduced spawn rates of food. Anyway, let’s see what happens…

As always, uploaded in 1080p so be sure to change the video settings!

Where do you think the shooter was?

After watching my gameplay, I’m sure it was the guy we didn’t look for in the apartment. He must have been up on the roof waiting for us. The lessons I will take from that incident:

1. Go back inside where it was safe and proceed with caution.

2. Stick with Randall while he loots so that: a) he has protection and b) I don’t die alone.

GG, can’t wait to do it again!