DayZ Standalone – Controls, Inventory & Quick Bar [Video Tutorial]

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I decided to spend a lot of time and effort into making this video. Whether you’re a Noobie or a DayZ Mod Veteran coming in as a fresh spawn, in this video you’ll learn a lot about the new controls in the DayZ Standalone.

I’ve broken the video up in to three major sections:

Movement – 0:40 (links to the video at the specific time)
World Interaction – 03:06 (links to the video at the specific time)
Inventory Menu & Quick Bar – 6:11 (links to the video at the specific time)

The Keyboard Controls And Mouse movements:

Enter – Toggle 1st and 3rd person view

Mouse – Look

Mouse + Alt – Look with head only and doesn’t turn body

+  –  and Right click Mouse button – Zoom! Also used for iron sights and scope of a gun

A – Strafe left

W – Move forward, double tap and hold to sprint

S – Move backward

D – Strafe right

Left Shift – Double tap left shift while walking to toggle jogging

V – While jogging or sprinting, pressing V will cause your player to jump. While standing, the V key will cause the player to “step over”

Z – Prone / lay down

X – Crouch

C – Standup

Num Pad # Keys – Press the NumPad keys to quickly look at your character without using the mouse

World Interaction & Quick bar Controls

Space Bar – Toggles between rest mode and ready mode

T – Toggles firing mode of gun

Page Up / Page Down – Changes zeroing of gun if supported

Scroll wheel – Activates the action menu

F key or Scroll Wheel Press – Action key which activates a menu selection (opening doors, gates, climbing ladders, toggling on and off for a flashlight quickly, taking items, etc…)

Caps Lock – Direct chat over microphone

/ – direct text chat

F1 – wave

F2 – surrender

F3 – Sit down to rest

1 – 9 – are used for Quick Bar items. In your inventory menu, you can drag and drop items to the square blocks at the bottom to enable their use. See video for more details.

4 Key Points in the Inventory Menu

  • When dragging and dropping items, the color in the items box will change depending on what it hovers over. Green means you can move it. Orange means you can combine or add to that item. Blue means the items will swap places. Red means there is no space or it can’t be added to that area.
    DayZ Standalone Inventory Colour Chart
  • Clothing can hold items. Make sure you are always on the lookout for clothing which contains more slots for items. And Ideal setup would be: TTsKO Jacket (6 Slots), TTsKO Pants (6 Slots), Uk Assault Vest DPM Camo (8 Slots), Mountain Backpack (35 Slots)
  • Keep the inventory menu open while you are moving or crawling around looking for loot. Sometimes you will find loot that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise.
  • Although in the bottom left corner of your screen there will be many status updates about your player, it is a good idea to check your inventory window from time to time. This can alert you to food, drink, or other health-related issues before they become fatal.

The Official DayZ Manual For The Standalone

There is a DayZ Manual if you didn’t realize. Don’t worry, not many people do. It’s located through STEAM under the links menu in your Game Library DayZ page. While it is pretty basic, it definitely should have been something I read before I started playing. Even DayZ Mod Veterans don’t know it all when it comes to the DayZ Standalone. At least I didn’t.

DayZ Manual on STEAM

I’m really happy and thankful for the Alpha release being in such great shape. It’s a lot more playable that I was expecting. I can’t wait for the next Change Log.

For those who are angry with the Alpha release, please remember:

Alpha is a stage to add features, Beta is to make the game playable.