DayZ Standalone

Here are my latest adventures, game updates, and tips from the long-awaited DayZ Standalone!

Unseasoned DayZ Suicide

(Video) UNSEASONED! DayZ Standalone

Hey Everyone!The day has finally come... I've uploaded a new video.The downside? Randall and I are unseasoned DayZ players getting back in to the swing of things.
DayZ Server Hosting

DayZ Server Hosting Guide (Standalone)

DayZ Standalone server hosting can be quite confusing. If you are confused about the difference between hives and shards, read our “Types of DayZ Servers” article for...
DayZ Standalone Server Types

DayZ Standalone Server Types

Confused about what the DayZ Standalone server hosting terms Hives and Shards are all about? I’ve got you covered!The first thing to note is that a “Shard”...
Old Man Zombie Model DayZ Standalone

New Old Man Zombie Model DayZSA

While I'm so accustomed to the zombie models that have been used in DayZ since the mod, a glimpse at the new more realistic zombie is quite...
Shipwreck Origins Dayz SA

Shipwrecked Origins – Rify In DayZ SA

I came across a fan comic series that was recommended on the DayZ Standalone Facebook page. I thought it was good! So… keep reading!The comic series is...