Vehicle Nitro Hacker

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I’m driving a UAZ through Elektronogorsk, with 3 others, when I hear another vehicle. I take a glance towards the ocean side and notice another UAZ, a suspect vehicle with a known m107 criminal. Thinking we have this one in the bag, we are in hot pursuit, sirens and all. What happens next is something I’ve never seen before.

After My Death

I decided not to re-spawn since it was already late and I had to wake up early for work. But I was hanging out in the lobby and TeamSpeak for a while talking to the other guys I was rolling with.

UnknownPK’s brother was “Judgemental” in the UAZ and was talking crap after U’P’K’ was banned. He said that his brother was going to take down the server by a DDOS attack, he had multiple cd-keys, etc etc etc.

After I posted the video evidence in the forum, it seems there were even more people glad to see this guy banned and I’ve had others complain to me about this guy from other times.

I did a quick search for a DayZ “turbo” or “nitro” hack and within minutes, found a script that did exactly what was shown in the video. It’s unfortunate that we have to play with cheaters, but it is a part of online gaming and it will always be an issue.

Even though all 4 of us died with a 1 shot kill, I don’t care. I’m not complaining about my death because after all, I basically stood out in the open like a bambi trying to figure out DayZ controls, idiot.  It’s fairly easy to gear-up again and have learned to not be so attached to my gear. The problem I had with this incident was that he cheated with something simple, and makes me wonder what else he has been doing or going to do?

Llama went back to the scene less than 30 minutes later and found 3 UAZ’s at that exact spot. He test drove them and none could drive more than 84m/s. Even the story Uknownpk gave in the forum doesn’t add up to what was seen in the video.

As Nashuo says “RIP dude.” … BTW, I thought you didn’t watch my videos? 😛

P.S. If you watch the video for a second time, check out the side chat comments in the bottom left corner of the screen(you may have to change it to 1080p and full screen). Seems like I don’t have any fans. Haha.