Typical Day With Randall and Bone – Old Footage #1

Here is some old footage that was requested back when I used to play on Hell’s Hideout.

A lot of people were curious about what Randall and I do or what kinds of things happen to us. For the most part I think it’s pretty typical. It goes something like this:

We meet up

We make a plan

The plan gets interrupted by a death or some other DayZ bug or glitch

We get close to our goal(s)

We accomplish what we set out to do and/or it’s getting late in real time and one of us has to go, so we go guns a blazing and usually end up dying

We call it a night

So here is the long awaited video:

Don’t forget to change the quality setting to 1080p

PS. There will be more old footage videos coming, but I’m also focusing on DayZ Standalone Alpha and some Battlefield 4 videos

Author BoneJunkie