Should We Investigate? Ya… Housely Was Killed

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Sometimes it’s worth investigating gunfire. After all, someone may need help. I just can’t say what help will be.

Randall Flagg and I decided there was too much gunfire in Novy Sobor to leave unanswered. Our original plan was to move in together, however, I jumped out of the car and he took off thinking I was still in it.

Housely killed a man, who it looked liked, wandered in to a tent to die. Of course Housely couldn’t resist the urge to loot his body. We can’t have these types of things happening around town. So I cleaned up the street while laying in the grass.

2 thoughts on “Should We Investigate? Ya… Housely Was Killed”

  1. U have got to be kidding me…that was me and my team that were there. half of us died to zombies while we were there hence the guy in the tent who was dead we were just finish up to check the tents then he got shot by you…thank god u didn’t check the others tents or u would have gotten me to…also dafaq is with u guys just driving around killing everyone on my team and no one else. It’s a lil unfair man

    • lol… In the raw video footage, I think I saw someone else running further down at one point, but maybe it was just a Zed (since they look like people some times when they move)…

      Anyway, I have more videos of other killings… how many people are on your team? It seems like everyone is 😛

      We don’t just drive around killing people… We’re cleaning up the streets! 😀

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