Noob Chopper Pilot Taken Out!

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While cruising down the coast, you can always be sure that something will happen. And with -=Hells Hideout=- now a PvP server, with tons of players, there is no escaping the coast without incident.

While panning around as we drove past Kamyshovo, I heard a chopper near Skalisty Island. Sometimes when we aren’t heavily armed we decide to move on, but not this time. My AKM was ready for action and Randall couldn’t wait to unload a few rounds!

The chopper pilot in this video was later accused of hacking. This time the hack made our blood look like it was at 0 and the colours of everything on the screen were extremely vibrant. Randall was nervous to get hit by a zed, so he ate a can of food and it restored health and the colours back to normal. I guess it was just a bit of a smoke and mirrors hack to make people worry.