-=Hells Hideout=- DayZ Server

Hells Hideout

Update: The server is no longer up, but I’ve kept in touch with the Admins. They are considering a StandAlone server maybe sometime in the distant future!

Server: Hells Hideout

Admins: 2Gunz & Kota

Map: Chernarus

-=Hells Hideout=-

This is one of the best servers I’ve played on! There are regulars, like myself, who play there often and of course many newcomers who quickly become regulars. Everyone is, for the most part, mature and good sports about everything.

Server Perks

  • Extra Buildings
  • More Vehicles
  • Survivor Camps
  • Awesome Admins
  • Whitelist and/or Password-ed to help keep out the lazy kiddies.
  • A forum to discuss anything about the server, people, and DayZ.

What about Hackers?

The Admins Kota and 2Gunz do a good job at securing the server. Once in a while, there is someone who slips through the gates and causes problems. In this case, they ban the person(s), roll the server back, and then everyone is happy again.

Are there Bandits?

Yes, of course. This is DayZ! There are some true survivors and heroes. You really can’t trust anyone, no matter what server you’re on! However, you can trust me…  *evil grin* Come on! Jump in! Take whatever you want from my car 😉


  1. Hey Bone i was one of the admins on hells hideout Barnaby i was grouped with solus a lot. any idea if they will be getting a stand alone server? havent talked to anyone from hells hideout since HH shut down.

    • Hey now, of course I remember you! I’m sure Randall does too 😛

      How’s it going? I talk to 2Guns, Kota, & Mutes once in a while. Add me up on STEAM! Shouldn’t be hard to find me haha.

      They were still considering a SA server, but not until the game is much more developed.

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