Good Deed: Failed!

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As I mention in the video, I’m known for being a hostile bandit. Every time someone asks
for help in side chat, I offer my assistance. But then 5-10 people pipe up saying not to
trust BoneJunkie!

Kota, Admin/Owner from -=Hells Hideout=-, mentioned that I have a history of violence. Well, I think most people new to DayZ become this way after the first hour of playing.

And it becomes very hard to trust anyone. I often think that in a real-life post-apocalyptic scenario, the way people act in DayZ would be similar to what they would do. Scary man… really scary!

However, I’ve changed! Really! And unfortunately, 9/10 times I end up dying while trying
to help someone. Usually, its because the person is trying to “fool” me… but sometimes
things just go wrong.