Elliot The Hacker Was Not The Worst

Elliot The Hacker Pic

While driving back to a Huey that needed repairs, which we just finished collecting parts for, I suddenly broke my leg and fell out of the driver’s seat. DayZ has some bugs so I thought nothing of it and started crawling towards my Military Off-Road.

Shit Bro, I’m friendly, calm down I’m a fuckin’ hero!

Also on the server, there were a lot of people talking on side chat, so when I heard “move move move” I didn’t suspect anything unusual. That is until I realized someone was behind me. Elliot, in a hero skin, had teleported to our position. I tried shooting him in the head but there was no effect.

I also tried to alt-f4 which didn’t work and tried to abort to the lobby, but I was too close to another player. So I started rolling away while keeping an eye on him. And then… he vanished.

Check it out here in 1080p!