Dayz Origins WTF Desync Issue Or Hacker?

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In the past couple of days I experienced something that really pissed me off.

The servers involved were experiencing a lot of connection issues, ie. lag. It could have been because they were 50/50 and 55/55 users on the server at once. It seems a lot of servers hosting Dayz can’t really handle high user loads. Or it could have been someone messing around.

Anyway, imagine that you have all the parts needed to fix a chopper so that you can fly to salvation island, but then something along the way goes horribly wrong. Here is a two-part-in-one video of that exact thing happening. BTW the Camo SUV blew up after server restart… about 5 minutes after “Part 2” took place. WTF!

Servers: Official Dayz Origins US002 & Official Dayz Origins INT002