Chainsaw Dies and A-10 Hacker Strikes

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After reading countless side-chat posts by Chainsaw, which BTW were getting extremely annoying, he rolled by us. We had no other choice, but to silence his “lada cab” advertisement services.

We took care of business, and during the middle of looting his car, a hacker decided to wreck havoc on the server. An A-10 appeared and went a devastating bombing run. This plane is not something you will find on most dayz servers. While we knew it was a hacker, and we would be able to get our stuff back from a server roll back or directly from 2gunz/Kota, it was still a piss off.

The hacker slipped through the -=hells hideout=- defenses while the whitelist was down. The hacker used the name fries_000.

I must say tho, the A-10 was pretty cool. I want one! Please spawn it for me at NEAF.