Casey Was Killed, ShiningBulletsFIM Complains

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Over at the -=Hells Hideout=- forum, ShiningBulletsFIM makes a post about his friend Casey being killed, possibly unfairly by a “silenced sniper” who took him out of the game with “almost” one shot. He also claims there were no zeds until the Markov was fired.

Fortunately, I was there with my M-14 AIM and recording.

There were 3 shots made by my partner’s high-powered rifle, and then a handful of Markov rnds unloaded. I believe he was using an m24 at the time, need to verify when he comes online.

If you check out the DayzWiki on the M24 you can clearly see, 1 round can kill a man with a headshot or 2 to the body, his friend is lucky to have survived 3 rounds. And if he had already been attacked by zombies, listen to the video you can hear he was already shooting them before we arrived which is why we drove there in the first place, he may already have been hurt before we rolled up.

I’m pretty sure the video speaks for itself. Get your story straight bro. As for the silenced sniper, either Shining’s PC was having issues, or someone needs a new set of headphones and toss out their old CRT monitor.

Check it out for yourself: