Playing Without Friends – BF4 Multiplayer – China Rising Silk Road – Commentary

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I decided I would post the video along with the original idea of what I wanted to say. It’s not an exact transcript but it’s pretty close.

In general, I’m not a chatty person. But since I want to make videos, videos that people like, I think communication is quite important. After all, I can’t just open up my mind and upload it as a digital construct.  So here it is:

Let’s get serious. When I was playing today I was thinking, “Playing a multiplayer game without my online friends from the Internet’s kinda sucks.”

But on the other hand, I think it’s good to take a break and just do things on your own. Because when you’re playing with friends, usually you’re working together instead of everyone doing their own random thing.

When you’re alone, you can screw around a little more or just focus on assignments, unlocks, or spend time trying to find glitches for shits and giggles and show everyone how tech savvy you are.

And you don’t have to worry about telling your teammates what’s happening behind them when you forgot to mention that you’re actually on the other side of the map worrying about 8 guys shooting at you with shotguns and DMR spam.

A good balance between playing by yourself and playing with friends is definitely what I’d recommend to anyone who plays multiplayer games online.

However, it’s not always easy if you have a FULL-TIME WORK or SCHOOL SCHEDULE.

You’re not around as much, you have to call it quits early so that you can sleep, do homework, hang out with the family, wife, kids, walk the dog etc… And that doesn’t even include your friend’s schedules or the fact that they may be in drastically different time zones.

I’ve made some pretty amazing friends playing games. But sometimes life events take us in other directions and we lose contact. It sucks but I also look forward to making new ones and trying to keep playing with the ones that I currently have.

So when you finally get time to play, it always seems short lived because time in real life flies by so fast and doesn’t equal in game time. Your perception of time becomes skewed. Last year I remember playing games for what I thought was 3 or 4 hours and then I looked at the clock and realized I had been playing for close to 8 without a break.

Sometimes I get so engrossed in the game that I’ll either forget to eat and drink or just keep putting it off until I start to feel incredibly sick from hunger. And at that point, eating a can of Heinz Beans and giving myself a saline IV doesn’t make me feel better.

I guess that’s pretty extreme to some, and not a big deal to others. Either way, I hope I never get to the point of having to wear adult diapers while I play. Just like the stories you hear about gamblers on slot machines spending thousands of dollars and countless hours trying to win the big one.

But, if someday I start to lose myself and put reality aside for the sake of a game, I hope there will be someone close by to make sure that I get professional help.

So this video is of me playing HC Domination on Silk Road from the China Rising DLC, in a squad with random people. This round wasn’t the best of the night, I think it was the 2nd or 3rd game in, but I enjoyed it. And that’s the whole point of gaming, right?! This is something that Jackfrags reminded me of in a recent video he made called “What 2013 Taught Me.”

While reviewing my gameplay I decided to look at some of the things I could improve on.

Playing other games and then jumping into BF4 doesn’t work for me. My first few rounds are usually pretty bad, but even then, sometimes I just have a bad day.

But it’s not something to stress over unless you’re a competitive gamer who’s earnings contract depends on a win. In that case, you better pound back some red bull and strap that diaper on. But seriously, if it’s not happening it’s not happening. Take a break.

I used to be the kind of player who got really angry and upset over stuff in a game. I’d even snap at people around me if they “broke” my concentration or if I died in the game. I’d blame them. Most non-gamers don’t understand that most online multiplayer games don’t make use of a “pause” button.

One of the benefits of making videos is that you can review how you play, or how you act while you play, and try to correct them the next time.

Things I Need To Improve

For example, when it comes to gameplay I tend to aim more towards the ground while I’m running around. The problem with this is when I raise my gun to shoot, I start firing my gun in a panic trying to kill before I get killed.

So I end up doing more lower and midbody damage rather than starting with upper body damage and moving up into a headshot. By keeping my head up, I’d probably take a lot less damage since I’d be taking out people a lot faster.

I also tend to rush situations too quickly. Imagine another player fires at me and I fire at him. We both hide behind some boxes thinking about our next move. Typically, I’ll reload my gun and rush out and try to get him while he’s still behind the box.

The problem is that I usually end up getting killed. Tossing a grenade over to the other player is sometimes worth it. But Instead, I’ve been trying to wait for them to come to me. When I hear them get closer, I start pre-firing as I go around the corner.

This strategy seems to work much better for me rather than going all out Rambo, standing out in the open killing everyone in view without taking a single hit. Unfortunately, I’m just not that awesome.

Well, I hope you enjoyed our chat today. And thanks so much for your ongoing support.

Let me know in the comments about some of the difficulties that you have when it comes to gaming and what you’ve done or plan to do to improve.

See you in the next video!