Who is BoneJunkie?

A 30+ year old PC gamer, who knows what real gaming is all about (Thank you 1980’s and 1990’s!). While consoles were the best way to go back then, the PC quickly took over my life in the 1990’s. With the arrival of DOOM, Wolfenstien, and Hexen I started playing my Nintendo and Playstation consoles less and less…

I mostly play First Person Shooters these days but mix it up from time to time with other types of gaming. Is DayZ first or third person? It’s both really…. Either way, I play it a lot!

FPS gaming is best done on a PC with a keyboard and mouse. IMHO of course 😉

What is the point of BoneJunkie.com?

This website was originally created Feb. 5 2013, for my friends & family to see some of my gaming adventures.

But more people have become interested in how I play games. It’s pretty awesome, so I’ll keep rolling with it!

I encourage you to like my Facebook Page, Subscribe on Youtube and rate videos or thumbs up them, and Follow me on Twitter 🙂

Let me know what you want to see, what you liked, and what you don’t like! It’ll help me make more entertaining videos for you.

Click Here For My Current Computer Setup

What Games Do You Own?

I have 100’s of games, but only a select few ever get played. I don’t pirate or know where you can get torrents, serial keys, etc etc etc. I have a job which pays me, and I use some of that pay to purchase games. It’s part of being an adult 🙂

How do you record and edit your games?

I currently record in 1080p, (1920×1280) with highest settings in-game (for the most part). I use DxTory to Record games on a 3TB internal drive (see the link above for my current computer setup). I used to record my game play using Fraps but I found that I have more options and better FPS rates when using DxTory.

The program Virtual Audio Cable combined with DxTory allows me to separate game audio from Teamspeak and Skype.

I edit my videos using Sony Movie Studio Platinum which is basically Sony Vegas. I found some tutorials on Youtube and went from there.

See you in game!

– BoneJunkie –